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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sulu Army : Don't 'TOUCH' My Family

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

I guess everyone knew already about the Sulu Army in Sabah where they're trying to re-claim Sabah as one of their property.
Re-claim my as* . I may be not strong, I may be don't have the power, but if I have to fight all of you, I promise I will. Not with all the weapons but by  calling all Malaysians to pray for Sabah. I know maybe our country is far apart and maybe you don't care at all about Sabah. But for me, I have my family there, I have my friends over there and my teachers.All of them are family to me.So, Sulu Army, don't you ever dare to lay a finger on them! Two of our policemen were already killed by you. Hey, Sulu Army! You came for what purpose?! You'll only ruining our country's peace. Go back to your own country! We don't need you! Please, I don't want my family to be hurt! Sulu Army, imagine if your family were killed! What would you feel? Be considerate of other people. Think as a human and not as an animal. Grr~~

*To all malaysian,don't forget to pray for Sabah. May Allah bless you.


  1. I feel that too bro. To make it worse, my dad was called yesterday to involve in this fight against Sulu army. It sent the cold down my spine. I prayed hard yesterday till now. and, i could barely hold my tears. i hope this rage will stop soon. blood should not be shed anymore.